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Gates of the Walled City of Lahore : 2- Zaki Gate alias Yakki Gate

Mudassar Bashir

March 9th, 2014



This gate is named after a celebrated saint Pir Zaki. As the sound of letter “z” (zee) is interchangeable with the letter “Y” (Ya) with the passage of time it becomes Yakki Gate instead of Zaki Gate. The gate has been demolished during British period due to its depleted and exhausted condition but the grave of Pir Zaki along with some other graves still exist there. There is no historical background about these graves and their origin but only legendary stories. The legend goes on like this that Pir Zaki and his followers or disciples died fighting against the Mongol invaders. It further adds that even after Pir Zaki was beheaded, his headless body kept on fighting for a few metres or so. Therefore, the head and body were buried in different graves. His burial chamber is a few steps from the city and in front of it there is a famous mosque “Madina Mosque”. A few step s away, there is a government hospital and a police station.


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